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Even Worthington has had enough Avatar

Oh Mr.Cameron, what have you done to me? You take a ten year break after Titanic to live the Troy McClure dream making and directing some forgettable documentaries along the way. And then I finally hear you are coming back to what you should be doing: science fiction action films. Avatar was in the correct genre for Cameron and the long wait led up to…a decent film that is weighed down by hippie smurfs.

This frustrated me a bit as for myself, James Cameron is probably the strongest and most consistent American action film director (possibly only rivaled by Walter Hill). Cameron is best when he’s working on large science fiction action pieces like The Terminator films or Aliens. I have to admit I’ve never gotten around to seeing True Lies so I’ll hold my judgement on how he fares when he’s stepping outside science fiction. Is it better than Avatar?

Avatar for me worked as theatrical experience but predominantly as an action film. When the characters were doing things that weren’t fighting such as hugging or singing to trees I felt my dollar was well spent. I wasn’t too worried about it’s great success at the time as projects outside the Avatar universe were still in pre-pre-pre-production such as Battle Angel Alita . Just from a glance on the wikipedia article on the comic, Battle Angel looks like something that may have worked better in the late 1990s then it would in this era, but what do I know about anime? Just take a break from Avatar!

Sadly, I think is James Cameron is moving in the opposite direction that I am taste wise. In an interview with the New York Times, Cameron states that he’ll be strictly working on Avatar films from now on. Bad idea! He also goes on to mention that he was in awe of Zack Snyder’s 300 which puts me into deeper confusion on where his tastes really lie.

So…where does this leave American action films? Cameron will continue to do Avatar which makes financial sense, but it’s a bit upsetting seeing a master of action as himself will be cutting out the action in the sequels as they will have less action than the original film.

So who’s next to take the throne of the top American action film director? Walter Hill has been out of the loop for years and i’m only mildly excited that he’s making a new film with Sylvester Stallone. He feels more like just a hired gun to me and it wouldn’t really be as good as his earlier works. Is it bad that the only American production I’m looking forward to this year is Nolan’s new Batman film? I’m worried guys!


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  1. Chris says:

    Man, I just saw Avengers and it was awesome. Also, Spider-Man and Prometheus look really cool. Plus, GI Joe and Battleship look incredibly stupid and I’ll probably go see both of them. Thanks, Hasbro!

    • Unless someone spoils to me that Battleship aliens are giant red and white pegs, I think I can miss it up. Otherwise, I’d very much enjoy seeing Rihanna fight a giant peg-monster.

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