Schwarzenegger’s New Project

April 5, 2011

Arnold on his new cartoon

Uhh…alright this already has a stupid title of “The Governator” but let’s give it an honest look and see what this is. How does one follow Collateral Damage? Let’s watch and see.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Cartoon
Right. I’m totally fine with this being an animated kids show.
Just don’t make references to things kids don’t care abou…

Larry King Cartoon
Larry King? Did we enter the school of Red for retired old people?
Or do kids sneak out of bed to watch him late at night?

Governator Laser Pew Pew
Well…uhh….wha? I’m getting some serious Captain Planet vibes here.

Governator Matrix Parody
And I’m done here. If Matrix parodies didn’t get overdone by 2001, than how about doing them with Arnold while the Black Eyed Peas are playing?

I’m long grown out of watching shows intended for kids and I have no children of my own to watch this with. Even if I did, there’s better entertainment for them. I’d ignore this if it didn’t think it would last, but even Jackie Chan’s cartoon show lasted a whopping 5 seasons.

Jackie Chan Adventures

I wasn’t young enough to watch this either! But even the more mediocre films in Jackie’s filmography are far more entertaining for kids than this is! Stick with films and singing the theme songs to your films Jackie!