Unstoppable Review (2010)

February 22, 2011

From the opening credits, this specific locomotive Downloads is shown in a way to suggest it’s an film about an evil train. cheap nba jerseys How could it not be? Look at this shit:

Unstoppable Evil Train

Sadly, it’s not an evil train film. Over 100 years of cinema and there has not been a film about an evil train made. As for the actual plot, it can be explained as this:

Train can’t stop! Goin’ way wholesale nfl jerseys too fast! Two men should stop it!

Nothing wrong with that plot in my books, as it sets themselves up for potentially juicy spectacles. In between the time when the cheap nfl jerseys two engineers (Denzel Washington and Chris Pine) decide to catch up with the train, it hurdles towards numerous obstacles including a CG of raccoon, a herd of horses, and another train full of school kids. Did you laugh at least at one of those listed crashable items? I did while watching them, as they come off as near-parody with their straight-faced set-up. When things do crash, it’s thankfully CG light. I think I only starred at the screen blankly once thinking about how fake it all looked.

Unstoppable Bikini Spot
Props Clever in the film amuse X-Bike themselves outside the train story

Outside of the collisions, we are given a plethora of conversations between the engineers, a train yardmaster and her superiors. These scenes irritated me as wholesale jerseys they didn’t add enough intensity, genuine emotion or Sechs to the film. These chatty scenes are inter cut with shots of the train whizzing buy from various camera angles as if Rodriguez to say "Don’t worry! More train scenes are coming!". I can’t blame Tony Scott for this one. The script needs a bit more of a bite and these jump cuts to the train zipping along are doing their best to make up for that. As for the acting, Denzel Washington, Christopher Pine and Rosario Dawson do their best with what’s given to them but can not transform the generally average script into an enthralling film.