The Expendables 2 Casting Chart

August 5, 2011
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Whether this turns out to be real or not, Total Film seems to think Bulgarian studio heads know about Hollywood film casting plans. So when one mentions that former round-house-kicker and current internet joke Chuck Norris and Old Dogs star John Travolta have been name dropped to be in The Expendables sequel. This next statement could make you wonder why I even maintain this blog, but I was not terribly excited by the news of the first film as it gave me Wild Hogs vibes. That a film like that will make a lot of money by it’s casting for a certain audience, but the result could be of a questionable quality.

I don’t know what was the last theatrical Chuck Norris film, but in comparison to Travolta, he’s a genuine action star despite being…wait, 71? Christ Chuck! Take it easy! But as for Travolta, outside the two John Woo films, I don’t really think of him as an action star. I decided to do a little math and brush up on who really belongs in a film that proclaims to have the ultimate action cast.

Here’s what I found:


No one could break 90%, but I was correct in my assumptions that John Travolta is no action star. A rough 10% of your filmography consists of action films.

Then again, The Expendables films are not how many action films you’ve been in, but about how much machismo you can pull off. And all these guys can pull it off. Even Grandpa Chuck!

So will Travolta hop aboard Stallone’s ensemble? Possibly. But a link on the sidebar of Total Film makes me think it could easily go the other way.

Travolta Not in Expendables 2
He’s talking about Hairspray 2, but this won’t help Total Film‘s case!