Things that should not be happening

May 1, 2011

Since I’ve been busy with reviews, it’s time to play catch-up and take a look at what’s happening in action cinema that I’ve been somewhat ignoring (outside that things like Fast Five were released…but I can skip that for now unless someone wants to pay for my ticket.)

First, noted Milkyway director/writer/producer Wai Ka-Fai has stated that after he finishes off his latest film projects that he may take a break from film making. The article goes on to say that Wai Ka Fai is obsessed with health and wants to pursue other interests. I’m curious to see how many other projects with Milkyway are lined up with him in the meantime. Do we have to wait for another 5 romantic comedies before we get another Exiled?

Wai Ka-Fai’s contributions to Hong Kong action cinema have always been a bit overshadowed by his frequent collaborator Johnnie To, but it’s still sad to hear that the man who’s films seemed to get better and better with Running on Karma, Mad Detective and Vengeance would be stopping now. His latest collaboration between himself and Johnnie To is the romantic comedy Don’t Go Breaking My Heart which I thought was doing well in Hong Kong so this announcement of a break surprises me. I wish him well in any future work he’s planning. [Source]

Next in the bad news folder is an old one, but let’s remind everyone about it. Keanu Reeves is not only starring in a film titled the 47 Ronin but Reeves is also trying to star and direct in his own martial arts film called Man Of Tai Chi that he wants to do in Chinese and English. Actors who want to be directors is not necessarily a bad thing and if it does not go well, they usually stop if it doesn’t pan out. Keanu says he would play a villain in the film so we at least won’t get another The Last Samurai-esque film. [Source]

Last but not least, we have news on Terminator 5. This film will be directed by Justin Lin who is known for the last three Fast and the Furious films. Terminator 4 by McG looked more like a Judas Priest album cover than a Terminator film to me and the idea of Justin Lin taking this on does not fill me with hope for the franchise. Justin Lin and McG aren’t exactly James Cameron so I perhaps I’m setting my standards to high, but right now I’m seeing us count down the days until they start remaking these films from scratch with a new director. On what sounds like bright news, Arnie will be back in Terminator 5! Sounds great, until I read this…

Terminator 5 News

Blah! So why bother?! [Source]