Mayfair Theater’s Poster Sale

June 28, 2012

Mayfair Ottawa Poster Sale
Easily the worst photograph taken by a human being, but if you use your imagination this is a jpeg of a poster sale.

Finally done my film exams for the summer so I can remember I have this One More Bullet crap to work on. A few days weeks back the Mayfair Theater had a poster sale to help pay for a digital projector by the end of the year. My mind was swimming to find out what treasures may be lurking in their for-sale stash.

I’m sure it wouldn’t be a surprise to tell you it wasn’t the best of hauls, but I managed to find some quirky items. All posters were films shown at the Mayfair since it’s re-opening in 2008 and the theater had quite a slew of strange and weird films shown since but sadly few of the films shown were related to their midnight line-ups. Among the oddities I’ve found though were posters for A Serbian Film, Tokyo Gore Police, Bellflower, and the most confusing of all was a Korean poster for X2. Why we have a Korean poster for an X-Men film when they have not even presented an X-Men film is beyond me.

As for the poster I bought, It’s for a film that I probably have no interest in seeing again, but I believe I need some colour on my wall.

RoboGeisha Poster

Hey! Don’t judge! The poster for RoboGeisha is actually pretty attractive in a “toss in assorted unrelated Japanese imagery” kind of way. This purchase ultimately states that I do not follow A Hero Never Dies‘ ideal of that you should get a poster for the film itself, not for how it looks. I’m more on the side that a poster is generally going to be viewed for what it looks like rather than what it represents. I’m more interested in having eye-candy opposed to something that doesn’t really promote a film you appreciate in the best light. This RoboGeisha poster also seems a bit unique as I haven’t found a place to buy the same version as this one online. I’ve seen a similar one with Japanese text replacing the American one, but no duplicate.

My last thought on this poster sale is that I think it was illegal? Film posters are promotional items and to my knowledge can not be re-sold for profit like this. I know the ByTowne Cinema in Ottawa sells several posters but all the proceeds go to charity. But is it still charity if it’s to help the theater purchase the projector? Can anyone who’s got more poster or film law knowledge give me a head’s up?