He’s Django

May 7, 2011
Unfunny joke
One of my finest jokes ever.

You know when you have an idea stuck in your head and you know it’s terrible, and others advise you not go forth with it but you have to get it out of your system? This is what happened with the above. Jokes that have to be explained are not funny either, but if you are completely lost on this, do not worry there is a cure.

But yes, Variety reports that Tarantino has casted Will Smith as the lead in his new film Django: Unchained. The internet of course is exploding with the idea of the star of Wild Wild West gracing a Tarantino pic, but I believe Quentin knows what he’s doing by now. If there’s anything I have personally against this idea, it’s that whenever I look at Will Smith, I can only see him as The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Any attempt at watching I Am Legend falters pretty quickly when I see Mr.Smith playing dress-up as a scientist.

Tarantino’s done weird casting before and gotten away with it. Remember how Michael Myers is in Inglorious Basterds? It must have not bothered me in the long run as I barely remember his role in the film. So everyone, stop worrying too much. This casting could be worse…MUCH worse. I’m thinking of one person in particular…

Eli Roth Django Unchained
You! Stay out of my movies!