Robert Rodriguez Nike Commercial

February 20, 2011

In 2011, it’s not the coolest thing to be a Robert Rodriguez fan. I can admit I am, as I still dream of a day when he returns cheap nba jerseys to the days of low-budget gems like El Mariachi. But outside Sin City, his PH?N 2000s output like the Spy Kids films have evento been pretty wholesale jerseys China uninteresting. Putting off projects people have cheap jerseys been aching to see How like Sin City‘s sequel and Mad Man are not doing him any favours either. Rodriguez has recently made a commercial for Nike which will not win him any new followers and reveals nothing to any hangers-on. What gives Rob?

There’s a lot of problems with this wholesale mlb jerseys one. First, the commercial is painfully self-aware. This could’ve been okay if more of the jokes worked. The big reveals in surprise actors should be funny or surprising like Nicolas Cage in Grindhouse (his best role of the 2000s fo’ sho’) but here, there is no punchline. Even worse is during the conversation between Rodriguez and Kobe Bryant show them both cheap jerseys as stiff as and dull. Seeing him like this makes me ecstatic that he hasn’t caught Tarantino’s idea of being recognition an actor. Despite small AFFILIATE? hints of Rodriguez’s humor and visuals popping in such as the fire-lit basketball course (which is spoiled not only from this post, but the YouTube preview image) this isn’t enough to make me burn my copy of Rebel Without a Crew, but you are pushing me Robert.