“Modern action films are soulless”

May 27, 2011

That’s what Harrison Ford says. And he had more to add:

Harrison Ford action films

Harsh words, but I’m inclined to agree! When I see swarms of enemies just running at each other without any real motivation on who or what they are doing, my interest begins to fade. The last film I can think of that I thought was quite kickin’ that involved scenes like that was Red Cliff, but that’s a film where the characters motivations are actually important. I assume Harrison is thinking of films like Legion with it’s swarms of gun-toting angels showcasing the apocalypse at it’s most dull. It is however, both the best and worst film where angels use guns. Or perhaps Harrison’s thinking of 300, which I didn’t like on the big screen and I think comes off even worse on home viewings.

But back to Mr.Ford, was I the person unaware Sean Connery was supposed to be in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull? That film’s merely okay in my books, but I wonder how the script would’ve changed if Connery decided to step out of retirement. Would there still be Shia LaBeouf in it? I doubt Indy would get married to Marion as I bet she was only put into this after Connery said “no way”. Both Steven Spielberg and George Lucas couldn’t get Sean Connery back on the Indy wagon, but I bet I could’ve got him on board if they asked me. I’d get him by posing this one question:

Pro Tip: The Avengers is a bad movie
“Do you really want your last film to be The Avengers?

He’d be on the set within the hour!

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