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Luc Besson starts a script
Luc Besson writes a film script as I blog

Luc Besson fans generally praise some of his 90s films such as The Professional, Nikita and The Fifth Element. On the otherside, we has his detractors who claim his films are poorly told stories derivative of American and Hong Kong action films. Personally, I’m on the fence about his works. Some people have referred to him as the French Spielberg or the French John Woo, but since he’s slowed down his film output (outside making animated films or movies involving woman who releases a pterodactyl in Paris), I’m leaning towards the group that believe he’s more like a French Roger Corman. Since the 2000s, he’s been more active churning out scripts for French directors who are now handling a lot of the major Hollywood action films. These include Louis Leterrier (The Transporter, Transporter 2 and The Incredible Hulk), Pierre Morel (District B13, Taken and From Paris with Love). I’m not sure how Besson and Europa pick directors, but Morel claims to have started at Europa by making tea for Bessson and crew.

For those not in the know, Roger Corman managed to make a lot of quickies that usually worked, but (in my opinion) usually range from bad to average. Besson is in the same boat and I usually put his screenplays to blame which often feel rushed and lack good story-telling techniques. That’s why when I see his name attached to a script, I get a bit concerned! Columbiana is not exception. Directed by the amazingly named Olivier Megaton, it’s a slick film but manages to simply be quite …average. I mean really really average. All the actors are all superbly okay: actin’s okay, clean visuals with a sexy lead who dreams of being a killer at a young age to get her revenge on the people who killed her parents. You’ve seen it all before not only in Besson’s films like Nikita, but in his other productions with revenge as an ingredient.

I don’t even know if I’d recommend it for seasoned Besson fans as it’s just far too familiar to anyone who’s seen his earlier films. Even if you ignore Besson and are one of the world’s few Olivier Megaton fans, you’ll find he’s toned down action in comparison to his previous film Transporter 3 leaving nothing but revenge story in it’s place until the final act. The action during the fist fight at the end is some of the worst I’ve seen from a major studio production. Why am I having so much trouble following punches between two people in a single room? I’m going to assume that the action is toned down as well Corey Yuen was not involved with the action choreography, as he was in Transporter 3. Unless you can pass seeing the attractive of Zoe Saldaña in motion, then you can gi…

Luc Besson starts a script
Well, that was fast.

Damn you Besson, you finished your script before I finished my blog. But yes, Colombiana will hardly leave you breathless if you remember it at all after leaving the theater. Avoid!


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  1. Sir Phobos says:

    lmao, I didn’t see the end coming. Bravo.

    I’m kind of disheartened now. I wanted to see this. I thought maybe, just maybe, it would be better than it looked. It looked derivative and lacking in substance. I’ll still check it out, though, and I’ll let you know how I feel about it.

    • Go right ahead! I don’t know why but my expectations are always way overtly high for any film related to Besson and I always end up kicking myself in the long run.

      The main highlight is the very watchable Zoe. This film also contains a scene of a child throwing up on a police officers desk in the beginning. Any film with children throwing up starts at 5 stars, and then only goes down from there.

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