Cyborg Director’s Cut

The unearthing of a director’s cut of Cyborg is not as important as let’s say…the missing scenes from Metropolis. But let’s take a look at it either way. Cyborg does not have a lot going for it for me personally. I am only mildly fascinated by Jean-Claude Van Damme’s career and I usually run away from most action films that bare the Cannon logo (which is a large amount of 1980s action films).

Cyborg is not only a Cannon film, but a cobbled together Cannon film. In 1987, Cannon lost a great deal of money with Masters of the Universe and the unwatchable Superman IV: The Quest for Peace. EUGH. There are problems with that one. I can only imagine the conversations in the Cannon Offices when they thought this up:

Superman IV

Cannon Films Nuclear Man

This is just a theory but I can not see anything other than the above happening. The important thing is, that Cannon were planning a Spider-man film at the time and with the money lost on the above films, they had to scrap it. Sets designed for Spider-man were than used in the quickie we know as Cyborg. Director Albert Pyun leans a bit too close to pure exploitation for me, but I have found people who can get into this early Van Damme film. I don’t think Van Damme can be that fond of this one. He accidentally caused a stuntman to lose an eye on set in an accident and was sued for $500,000. Ouch. Van Damme was weary of ever making another film in the Hollywood again after this, but we all know how that turned out. Van Damme probably won’t be too happy about this cut either. Along with a new score and more violence, this cut reportedly has another actor dubbing for Van Damme. Without having seen any version of Cyborg, I can not go much further but this small intro that director Pyun has posted himself should give a few clues of how this film really is. Judge for yourself.


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