Extremely Important Avengers News

Hello Everyone! Are you a big fan of The Hulk? Sure! Why not? And are you a fan of …

Chest Hair Avengers

Eugh, No. Bleah. Of course not. But a Mr. Joss Whedon seems to think it’s a dandy idea. In an interview with The Advocate, Mark Ruffalo says that they want to have The Hulk match his physical appearance more in The Avengers. Superheroes shouldn’t be running around without shirts in my opinion let alone be sprouting grass. Might as well not make him green. People will begin to confuse him with other green hair-chested people. Namely Blanka from Street Fighter:

Aroo! Aroo!

If they give him red hair that is. Anyhow, all apologies for the lack of blogging lately. I’ve been busy with other things. Regular more readable updates to resume again soon.


2 Responses to Extremely Important Avengers News

  1. Martin says:

    Does that mean Scarlett Johanssen will have chest hair too?

    Are you still planning to report on the Woo double bill?

    Care to fill us in on your extra curricular activites?

    I know that’s a lot of questions, only answer as you see fit!

    • Scarlett Johanssen just signed for the role of She-Hulk so yes. My source: IMDb message boards.

      The Woo report double bill is coming. It’s hard to write about things so perfect, but I’ll post it soon.

      Return to school as the government seems to enjoy hiring university educated types opposed to lowly college based ones. Might sneak in a few extra-curricular film courses while i’m there!

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