Jackie Chan Sucks and is Awesome

I’ve been a bit Jackie Chan crazy with posts lately, but it all must surrounding the fact that it is his birthday today! Happy Birthday Jackie! We are relieved that your twitter rumored death is greatly exaggerated. According to Jackie, even Will Smith was fooled by the twitter scam. If only Will had visited my blog, he would have known that Jackie’s death was crap from the get go. Other than not dying, Jackie had another big announcement: he’s donating all his assets to charity!

Jackie Chan Donates all his money to charity!
That’s a lot of Hong Kong Dollars

Pretty big statement. However he did make a big deak that no money will go to his son Jaycee Chan. Remember him from Invisible Target? I don’t really know how well Jackie and Jaycee get along, but i’m leaning towards the “not so positive” scale, especially if Jaycee originally fell for twitter scam. Jaycee even called Jackie to check if he was okay and was scolded by Jackie who said “Do you wish I were dead?”. Ouch. To add more salt on the wound, Jackie had this to say about Jaycee.

Jackie Chan on Jaycee Chan

Double ouch. I doubt that Will Smith would do the same to his son Jaden. Then again, Will Smith didn’t grow up at the Peking Opera School either. All in all, it sucks to be Jackie’s son, it’s awesome to be a Jackie Chan fan. Happy Birthday!



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  1. Martin says:

    Thats harsh, maybe Jackie REALLY didn’t like The break up club!

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