Karate Dog Review?

It’s fun to review new films and all, but it doesn’t hurt to take a second look at classics. Not everyone has seen The French Connection or The Killer or Bob Clark’s Karate Dog. This is the man who somehow manages to fit in Porky’s, Black Christmas , Baby Geniuses and A Christmas Story in a busy film career and finally gets to do something he REALLY wanted to do. It was finally time to create black-belt puppy film.

I’m not going to waste to much time as this film received all the acclaim in the world when it was released in 2004. But let’s take a look at one of the few examples when CGI was not an abomination.

Not only was it an audience pleaser, but a critical success. Roger Ebert sums up the critical reception in this Rotten Tomatoes blurb.

Ebert on Karate Dog

I’m sure that has enticed you enough to eagerly add this to your collection. The Criteiron bluray (3 Discs including stuffed Karate Dog plush) is only going to be released in November. For those who with the power to import, I’d insist on the DVD I’ve selected below. I’ve owned 8 copies of Karate Dog in search of the best transfer.

Weird Ass DVD Cover

Do not be fooled by bootlegs (which sell for over $110 on ebay). To absolutely make sure the one you are buying is the good version, ask the seller to send you an image of the disc.

Weird Ass DVD Cover
If your disc does not have the foil stamp of the P/K logo (as seen above) than you have the wrong disc.

I can’t fathom how this was not a smash in theaters as it contains bankable box office stars such as Chevy Chase who not only voiced Karate Dog, but also choreographed all the fighting himself. A masterpiece worthy of the date of review.


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    Good show!

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