More Poster crap with True Legend

Despite almost never updating due to school applications, I assume I have the most read blog in the world that has the film industry shaking in their boots with my every post. Therefore, the company that is releasing True Legend in the United States is only listening to me and hanging on every post. Besides, whenever I complain about their posters, I get a new one. Here’s their third go at the True Legend poster:

True Legend Poster

This is what one calls, “eau de Photoshop“. So much grain, I can barely make it out. At least they got the tip to mention why the average-joe might want to see it due to Yuen-woo Ping’s American work.

But seriously, if they keep it up, this is what the next one will look like.

Horrible film poster lens flare

Mark my words…I’m fully expecting this to be the DVD cover.


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  1. Martin says:

    It’s a terrible poster alright, one of the worst I’ve seen for quite some time, they must be getting really desperate.

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