Oscarzzz Roundup and Razziezzz

My perfect streak of not enjoying the Oscars runs as smooth as ever. Not due to my choices winning certain awards, but due to the shows format, tone and pacing. If I could make one change, we’d trash the idea of hosts who are not comedians. Comedians are comfortable talking to a large crowd and can at least try to inject some humor in the lame jokes they are given. I can only hope Christopher Nolan is looking at Anne Hathaway now and rethinking Catwoman ideas, but who knows? I could be just bitter that Inception won more awards than I predicted. I was correct in it not winning any major awards at least.

Now, Let’s play catch-up. The Razzies were announced a two days ago. To save you from looking at the their website which would be great design circa 1998. Here are the big losers for action films in the Razzies.

The Last Airbender! Killers! Machete!

Now, I’d love to comment further but I have yet to see the big winner The Last Airbender, and the other two are just given to Ashton Kutcher and Jessica Alba for several films they were in. To be honest, I forgot Killers existed. Thanks Razzies!


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