Transformers 3-D Mask

Do you like 3D? I like it as a relic of the past and the iconic look of red and blue tinted glasses. But that’s where the appeal ends! I find that it’s kind of a cheap way to market a film to a younger audience. After seeing about four films in 3D, the only film I’ve been impressed with 3D-wise was Avatar. Otherwise, the films just look darker and every once in a while you just get something thrown across the screen at you. That’s fine during the opening advertisements for a film, but about halfway through a film I find myself forgetting that I’m looking at something in 3D.

So, how do you expand on the 3D gimmick? Add more gimmicks upon it!

Transformers 3D Masks Bumblebee Optimus Prime

Yes, for Transformers 3, they are selling 3D masks that resemble Bumble Bee and Optimus Prime. I have no interest on spending $10 more on an item that still does the same thing as a pair of buddy holly glasses which you can grab for free.

All in all, Here’s how I predict seeing the film with these masks on will enhance your experience.

Hover over the image to see the 3D Mask difference.

The only thing positive thing about these masks is that if you hold onto yours, you can see sell it to hardcore Transformers addicts and make a couple of bucks in the years to come. So all in all, good for selling in 20 years. Not good for their intended use.


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  1. Martin says:

    No to 3D, the new technology can work quite well on video games, but I really don’t see any point as far as movies and television go, a good blu ray transfer has all the depth you need anyway. Like the visual representation of the experience A.

    • Agreed. Good for games, not so much films. In games it’s probably a bit more important to get a grasp on the distance between things. Glad you liked the rollover although it doesn’t seem to work in some blog readers. Hmm.

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