Where to Buy Films in Ottawa #2

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Invisible Cinema in Ottawa

Let’s start out with the facts. Netflix in Canada is currently kind of crap. Most items I’d like to watch are only available in the United States. Want to watch an episode of Twin Peaks? Well you are out of luck as it’s there, but unavailable for us. Personally, I like supporting things in my town that I enjoy. It’s not fun to go downtown and find that one of your favourite locations has become a Starbucks or torn down to make room for another condo. One example would be that one of my favourite record stores in Ottawa (Birdman Sound) has announced that they’ll be closing their doors in a new year due to rent issues. They plan to continue selling records outside their physical entitiy, but it’s sad to see something interesting replaced with a Shoppers Drugmart or whatever will go there. On that note, let’s be thankful for what we have. Here’s a quick tribute to my favourite rental joint in Ottawa: Invisible Cinema.

Asian films Ottawa
Anyone’s love for Asian cinema is covered. (Click to enlarge)

American action films
Failing that, here’s another collection. Note how only Death Wish 3 is available.

If you like to watch before you buy (which is what I’d recommend), than look no further than this collection here. If I have a small complaint, it’s that I get a bit lost looking for certain things in the collection. Most items in store are sorted by director, while others are by themes. It makes it a bit difficult to try and find if you are looking for Full Contact and wondering if they have a section for Ringo Lam or not. Other sections are sorted by genre. These include areas for films based on comics, French policiers, and Italian Poliziottescos and so on. Basically all your bases are covered.

Of course if you’d rather buy, they have a smaller but still impressive collection of keepers. Some of it is kept under locked glass. That’s fine, except the border on the glass obscures some of the DVDs and blu-rays they have for sale. Hope those are just doubles.

Criterion DiaboliqueSometimes they sell things before you should! As of the date of this post, this copy of Henri-Georges Clouzot’s Diabolique is not for sale yet officially.

Inglorious Bastards soundtrack
Soundtracks for sale! I wonder if someone will buy this thinking it’s the Tarantino film when they take home the Casterllari soundtrack.

Even the items not behind the glass have a good selection.
Who doesn’t want their own copy of Light Blast?

Invisible Cinema also doubles as an art gallery with new works regularly displayed whenever I revisit. If gas wasn’t so expensive and if I didn’t live so far away, I’d visit more often but I try to support it if I can rent and return within my own schedule. If you live in decent sized city, I encourage you to seek out and support your local independent rental store. Keep your town less boring and remember that films like Light Blast are not available on Netflix.


6 Responses to Where to Buy Films in Ottawa #2

  1. Martin says:

    It would be great to have somewhere so worthy to support at all A. Instead of Netflix, in the UK we have Lovefilm which is okay but nothing like the American Netflix in terms of streaming content but it does have a few cool titles not available on dvd so far.

    • Is the image quality at least decent? I’m watching Netflix through a Wii and I assume it’s better through another system. Either way, the films for rent in the above pics are far superior to the Netflix selection in my books.

  2. Martin says:

    Image quality varies, Rolling Thunder looked pretty good, Ninja III:The domination looked pretty average, it depends from film to film I guess. The US model is pretty much the holy grail as far as streaming is concerned.

  3. Oh, Deadbeat at Dawn (next to Death Wish 3)! We should watch that.

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